For the final PLP f2f meeting, our teams are joining to show you the best of our best. Agenda:

Team Members:
Jeanette Cannioto, Member
Dave Kowalski, Member - kavekwcsd
Francine Leggett, Member
Wendy Smith, Member - wssmith and mstportal -
Chris Pratt, Observer - knteacher
Erin Ells, Administrator - erinells -

Our Final Project PowerPoint Slides

Our index card assumptions:
  • We will operate as a team, both with our online communication and possible face-to-face with just our elementary team.
  • We will learn from each other.
  • Building local networks/teams.
  • I assume we will have opportunities to share with administrators our insights on future impact.
  • We will get to know each other much better this year - personally and professionally.
  • Increase in cross-district/regional projects.
  • I assume we will be meeting at least once a month face-to-face and several times via tech tools.
  • Our team will communicate frequently using Web 2.0 tools.
  • We might begin a discussion about integrating K-5 learning standards with technology.
  • Our laptops will be set up to use software/hardware that we will need.
  • Our team will rock!
  • Our team will be part of change in Webster.
  • Our team brings a wide variety of technology knowledge...but everyone brings enthusiasm!!
  • Develop communities beyond district level --> global level.

Webster 2 Secondary Team
Dave Leahy, Member - dleahy or dleahy5
Emily VerHow, Member
Rachel Ciesluk, Member - rciesluk or rachel ciesluk
Julie Bianchi, Member
Mike Smith, Observer
Barb Goldammer, Administrator - bgoldammer

Our Slides:
PLP The Future:

Projects we are currently working on:
Barb Goldammer: wiki for Instructional Council, wiki for Algebra teachers, using Skype to conference and meet, discussions in NING, learning about twitter, learning math applications and the power of tablet PCs in the classroom.

Emily VerHow: Middle School Enrichment Blog, Skype account - not quite comfortable with this yet, actively using to bookmark sites that teachers might find helpful, working on "adopting an ipod"

Julie Bianchi:This fall and winter, I worked with a couple other colleagues in the Green House at Willink Middle School to create a website for the Green 6 - 8 teams. It includes links to discipline policies and daily homework postings to provide easier communication with parents. It also includes a mission statement for the entire Green House. As the year goes on, we will continue making additions and improvements. I am also becoming more familiar with Skype and liking it.

Tools to build our network: - online bookmarking - 140 characters to explain what you are doing - RSS feeds to keep track of your blogs - customize your home page - video chat - start your own wiki - another cool online (real-time) collaboration tool