East Aurora Union Free School District

WNY-PLP Team #2

  • James Bodziak- Superintendent

  • Brad Gibson- Assistant Superintendent

  • Richard Clements- Coordinator of Network Services

  • Laurie Cichocki- Grades 3-5 BOOST Enrichment Teacher /Technology Integrator

  • Stacey Koch- 7th Grade Team/Special Ed

  • Kelly Seibold- 8th Grade Team/ Social Studies

Some of our current district projects:
Writing Frameworks NINGin conjunction with Theresa Gray
Math Geometry Voicethread Grade 1
BOOST articulation BLOG
District Voicethread
Explorers Podcast Grade 1 BOOST Enrichment (password protected)

Mr.Ellis' Engineering Blog

Virtual Brochure of Italy
Vocabulary for Life Grades 9 and 11
Shakespeare Blog