Welcome to Advanced Blogging

Using Blogs to enhance your classroom


  • How do you engage your students using your Blog?

  • What enhancements do you add to your Blog to enhance your students' learning?

  • Do you Blog? Or do you Blog 2.0?

Examples of Teachers using their Blog in an interactive way

PreCalculus Math Class Blog with Gabcast

A Classroom Blog in France

Pre-School Students

Map and Poll Widgets Used in this Blog

So Let's do some of this ourselves

Resources to add "BLING" to our Blog

Tracking Your Blog

Google Analytics


Let your Blog views add their location...what a teaching tool!!

MySpace Tracker
Go to MixMap.com to get your own MySpace Tracker


Adding Polls to your Blog



Showoff Your Blog

What books have your students been reading? Create a Library


Creat a MINI website inside of your Blog (THIS IS AWESOME)
Here are some examples

Great for Art Teachers (Daily Painterson your Blog)

Other Places to find information

Blog I set up for an example (using 21classes.com....usernames will be given)