Powerful Learning Practice for Administrators and Teacher Leaders Kick Off Celebration

Overview PPT

WHO: Erie #1 BOCES and Monroe #1 BOCES
WHERE: Western New York Regional Information Center 040306connectivism2.jpg
355 Harlem Rd, West Seneca, NY
WHEN: November 5, 2007


8:30 Registration and Refreshments

9:00 First General Session
• Welcome/Introductions/Overview of Day
• Overview of Project
• Keynote Address – Will Richardson

11:00 Small Group Session Overview

11:15 Lunch

12:15 Small Group Session Rotation One
(These sessions will be repeated three times. Each participant will decide whether to participate in the refresher or advanced sessions for blogs and wikis. All participants will participate in the Introduction to Ning)

1A Refresher/Review of Use of Blogs as a tool for learning: For those who have not created and/or actively used blogs as a teaching tool
1B Advanced Blogs: This session is for those who are interested in maximizing their use of blogs as a teaching tool.
2A Refresher/Review of Use of Wikis: For those new to wikis
2B Advanced Wiki: For those who want to learn more about wikis
3A Introduction to Ning, Virtual Learning Community (all participants will participate in this session, which is offered 3 times)

1:00 Small Group Rotation Two-(Same sessions as above)

1:45 Small Group Rotation Three- (Same sessions as above)

2:30 Closing Session
• Next Steps
• Q&A
• BOCES Housekeeping

3:00 Adjourn